Monday, October 15, 2012

Philosophy of Education

Year after year, candidates for teaching go through articles, books, workshops, and many other resources learning about what to teach and how to teach it. Your own philosophy of education will lead you in the right direction as to why you make certain decisions when creating a lesson plan.

Have you ever wondered what your philosophy of education consisted of? If you're at all interested in finding out what your philosophy of education is, then you should look into taking this self -assessment.

The results of the self-assessment test on my philosophy of education are in order from highest to lowest:

  1. Information Processing--> 22 points 
  2. Humanism--> 21 points 
  3. Cognitivism/ constructivism--> 21 points 
  4. Behaviorism 21--> points 
  5. Progressivism--> 20 points
  6. Reconstructionalism/ critical theory--> 19 points
  7. Perennialism 17--> points 
  8. Essentialism--> 16 points
I think this website is a very useful tool, because now I have a better understand of where I stand with many educational factors. I learned that I focus more on how the mind works, and how to improve on processing and memory.  

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